mother! movie (2017): Jennifer Lawrence Says Divisive Reaction Is ‘Exciting’

Darren Aronofsky's mother has earned arather divisive reception so far but star Jennifer Lawrence says she's moreexcited by the reactions to the film I'm concerned or disappointed reactions tomother had been all over the place from both critics and general audiences alikewhile the critical response to Aronofsky's genre blending movie hasbeen mixed to positive on the whole mother received an F grade cinema scorein its opening frame this even prompted distributor Paramount Pictures toefficiently issue a statement of its own on the matter defending mother as beingan audacious and brave film that the studio is pleased to have released andprompted so much in the way of conversation Academy Award winnerJennifer Lawrence spoke with Entertainment Weekly regarding her ownopinion on the film and how she feels about the overall reaction when e/wasked whether or not she was surprised by the split reactions Lawrence answeredno not at all the people who loved it loved it and want to see it another timethe people who don't like absolutely despise it she added there is no middleground we knew that it was divided that's what's so exciting everybody isgoing to feel something it's going to create a conversation it's going tocreate a controversy nobody is going to leave not getting something from itlawrence touched upon that only the reactions to the film but Aronofskyhimself whom she had started dating once production on mother had wrapped callinghim the most controversial director of our time mother is a film based in starkreligious allegory which was a theme that attracted Lawrence from the verybeginning it was the most unique sounding movie I'd ever heard andincredibly brave I feel like there's different schools of thought on thismovie something don't tell anyone anything letthem figure it out on their own I feel like it's better to know and understandthe metaphor and allegories cuz then you know what you are lookingat I've been spilling the themes and metaphors all over townshe even stated that she would had personal annotations to the film whilewatching it with her family explaining that she sat them down and wouldessentially add a live commentary throughout the entire runtime there isno doubt that mother is a highly divisive film but according to Lawrenceit requires some considerable analysis it's the kind of film that is perhapseasy to impulsively judge once the last frame cuts to black but exploring itsdeeper meaning is vital and appreciating what Aronofsky was trying to createassuming you give it the champ.

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