Fake News: Justin Bieber Worried for Selena Gomez’s Health

Hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon to get more take videos Justin Bieber worried for Selena Gomez's health is fake news story a story about Justin Bieber Being worried about Selena Gomez's health is fake news of course He wants her to be well, but gossip caught can confirm This is a made-up story That was shamefully designed to exploit the singer actresses recent time and treatment on Thursday it was revealed Gomez received treatment for depression and anxiety at a facility in New York City She has since returned to Los Angeles and reunited with Bieber as Gossip, Cobb previously reported they went to church together on Wednesday, and she also attended his hockey game that same day Notably before that outing Hollywood Life spread misinformation about Bieber and Gomez Supposedly being headed for a split now after being wrong with its breakup speculation the website Disingenuously pretends to have insight on Gomez's health woes and Bieber's reaction And it's obvious early on in the piece that this exclusive was manufactured the repeatedly discredited outlet States Gomez reportedly Completed a two-week stint at a treatment center Then the subsequent assertions are based on a source close to the fetish singer if Hollywood leaves as its nicknamed Actually has a Gomez source

Why is the vlog saying? She was reportedly in treatment instead of actually confirming it Moreover if the outlet really has inside access to her world and knowledge about a relationship with Bieber Why did it wrongly spread claims about a split just days ago? basically The site's seemingly made-up source contends the obvious such as Selena's health is still very much a concern for her and for Justin other quotes similarly maintain Bieber has been doting on her and cares very much for Selena None of this is particularly new Insightful our exclusive these claims are simply rational conclusions But then the site and its source go a little too far alleging Bieber thinks She's putting her health at risk and is afraid she could be danger That's a tad extreme Gomez who's been through a lot the past few years with her mental health and battle with Linkous is more aware than anyone when she needs to take a break and that's why recently did she doesn't need Bieber telling her that between work and Tension from a rocky relationship with her mother she needs to take time to relax and enjoy life Gomez just needs him to be supportive which he is in fact it was even noted in the original report about her time in treatment that Bieber was both aware and supportive of Gomez's choice to focus on her health Hollywood life's is simultaneously acting as if it has new information and as if Gomez isn't a grown woman who can take care of herself Bieber is of course concerned for her well-being as any significant other would be but he's not telling her what to do Furthermore no one close to either of them are discussing such private matters with Halloween you'd lose That's abundantly clear from the outlets mistakes, and it's been ability to even confirm Gomez was in treatment Remember Gomez has called the web site the worst while Bieber has branded garbage this fake news story was only Concocted to try to capitalize on the real news about her health

Source: Youtube

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